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Homemade Disco Costumes

Dressing up in a disco costume can be fun, and it is very easy to make. In most cases, making a homemade disco costume requires little to no crafting skill or out-of-pocket expense. All you need are a few clothing items and a little creativity. Best of all, this Halloween costume can work for a man or woman.

Dressing Disco

Finding the right clothes is the most important part of making a disco costume. Disco clothing was very flashy. Sequins were big and so were bright colors and bold patterns. Women should look for a short mini dress with any of these features. Men should look for a pair of bell bottom pants and a flashy top. If you can't find these things lurking in the depths of your closet, check a secondhand shop.

Disco Accessories

Accessories were big in the days of disco. Look for gold chains and pinky rings for men. Women wore big gold earrings and gold necklaces. Bangle bracelets in gold were also popular. For shoes, women should look for thigh-high boots to pair with their short mini dresses. Men should look for a boot with a low heel.

Disco Hair

Disco hair is another important part of a homemade disco costume. Afro hairstyles were huge in the disco era, and fairly inexpensive afro wigs can be found almost anywhere Halloween costumes are sold. Feathered hair was also huge for men and women--feather your own hair or buy a feathered wig. Men can further their hairstyle by adding a fake mustache or growing one. Handlebar mustaches were huge in the days of disco.

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