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What To Wear In A 1970s Theme Party

Get down in your best threads from the '70s.

During the 1970s, hippie style became more mainstream, disco emerged, and funk revealed a different kind of glamor. All these looks shared common fashion pieces. According to fashion writer Charlotte Seeling, the basic staple for 1970s attire was platform shoes with flared pants. It didn't matter if you were a man, woman, mainstream hippie, disco dancer or funk master, these pieces were characteristic of the 1970s.


The hippie look has an earthy appeal. Return to nature with tops that have ethnic or folksy patterns. Get a button-up shirt with a butterfly collar. You can also find a vintage-inspired retro T-shirt with "Star Wars" or "Jaws" printed on it. Wear bell-bottoms and platform shoes to complete this look.

During the evening, disco brought glamor and excess. Boogie in polyester, bright colors and loud prints. Turn your butterfly collar up and sport a gold medallion on a tanned chest. Look at John Travolta's white disco suit from "Saturday Night Fever'" for fashion inspiration.

Funk hit the mainstream in the late '70s. Men combined luxury with loud attire by wearing Italian silks, velvet, snakeskin, animal print and screeching colors. For a simpler funky look, wear an Afro, black turtleneck, some bell bottoms and platform shoes.


The hippie look allowed women to wear micro skirts, mini skirts and floor-sweeping maxi dresses in global tropical prints and folksy embroideries. The mainstream hippie look also saw women wearing bell bottoms and platforms, like their male counterparts.

At night, women at the disco wore catsuits, leotards, halter tops and hot pants. These outfits typically showed a lot of skin. They wore bright colors, metallic and leopard print. Linked to disco was the '70s fitness craze, with leotards and leg warmers. To add a little funk to your disco, wear high platforms and an Afro, just like the guys.

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