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Homemade Daisy Duke Costume

Jean shorts and a midriff-baring top create the sexy Daisy Duke look.
Jean sexy image by ParisPhoto from Fotolia.com

Daisy Duke, the sexy cousin of Bo and Luke Duke from the long-running television series "Dukes of Hazzard," made such an impression on the American public that the super-short, cut-off jean shorts she wore are now referred to simply as "Daisy Dukes." If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-make sexy adult costume, Daisy Duke is the way to go. Create a Daisy Duke costume with just a few simple modifications to clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

Things You'll Need:

  • Button-Down Shirt Or Tight T-Shirt Or Tank
  • Scissors
  • Cowboy Boots Or High-Heels
  • Blue Or Brown Eye Shadow
  • Pink Or Peach Blush
  • Disposable Razor
  • Black Or Brown Mascara
  • Black Or Brown Eyeliner
  • Pink Lip Gloss
  • Jeans
  • Curling Iron For Long Hair Or Long Curly Wig

Cut the legs off of a pair of old jeans to create a pair of cut-off jean shorts. Classic Daisy Duke shorts are extremely short, ending at the top of the thighs, but cut your jeans to a length that you are comfortable wearing. To create a frayed look at the cut edge of the shorts, run a disposable razor all the way around the edge.

Select a shirt to wear with your outfit, keeping in mind that the Daisy Duke look is sexy with plenty of cleavage and midriff showing. If you wear a button-down shirt, tie the ends just under your bust line rather than buttoning it to create a sexy, midriff-baring look. Alternatively, wear a tight T-shirt or tank top. Cut a 2- to 4-inch vertical slit down from the neck of the shirt to reveal more cleavage. For added sex appeal, enhance cleavage with a push-up bra or padded bra inserts.

Pull on a pair of cowboy boots with 2-inch or higher heels, or wear any high-heeled boots you have in your wardrobe. Daisy Duke often wore sexy high-heeled shoes rather than boots, so any high heels will work. Choose the pair of shoes that make your legs look the longest and sexiest to get the Daisy Duke look.

Curl long hair all over with a curling iron and run your fingers through it to create full, soft waves. Add volumizing hairspray to hold the wave. If you have short hair, wear a long blond or brown wig to mimic Daisy Duke's full mane of wavy hair.

Add accessories such as a brown leather belt with a large buckle or a cowboy hat with a string worn around the neck so it doesn't disturb your Daisy Duke hair.

Apply black or brown eyeliner to your upper and lower lash lines, and brush blue or brown eye shadow onto eyelids. Add two coats of brown or black mascara to lashes. Brush peach or pink blush onto the apples of cheeks and add a sparkly pink lip gloss to lips.


Apply self-tanner to legs and midriff to achieve Daisy's outdoorsy, country girl look.

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