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Fun Games for Girls to Play at Home

A variety of games helps keep girls active at home.
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Home need not be a boring place for girls to hang out when there are enjoyable games to play. Some games require more participants, so girls may play the following games with siblings and other family members, or invite a few friends over to join in the fun.

Girlie Treasure Hunt

Prepare a girlie-themed treasure hunt game for girls to play at home. Prepare several loot bags, one for each girl. Fill the bag with items related to your theme, such as the latest pop-star paraphernalia, costume jewelry and beads, hair styling products or the latest girl's make-up products. Hide the loot bags together in one box or hide each one separately. Prepare a map, or several maps if hiding them separately. If you hide all the loot together, the first girl to find the treasure wins. If hiding the bags separately, develop a point system. Assign one point for each bag found, but each girl may only claim her own bag, which is worth 5 points--or however many you choose. If a girl locates a bag belonging to someone else, she must leave it and keep its hiding place a secret. If she discloses the location of the bag, she loses her point. In order to collect points for finding other bags, she must show you a token which you previously hid with the bags. The token may be as simple as a few pieces of hard candy or playing pieces from a board game. Be sure to leave several tokens behind with the loot bag in case several girls secretly locate the bag.

Sock Wars

Divide a large room in half for a game of Sock Wars.
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A game of Sock Wars requires a large room, such as an empty basement or garage. Each girl needs three pairs of socks. Instruct the girls to roll the socks up into balls. Divide the room in half using a blanket, sheet or tarp. Place an even number of girls on each side of the divider. Instruct them to wait for a signal, such as a whistle or a shout of "Go!" Once given the signal, the girls should throw their socks onto the other side of the divider. Allow them to continue throwing socks until "time" is called. The team with the least number of socks on their side of the divider wins the round. For added creativity, allow the girls to decorate their socks and sew the ends up or tie them up before the game begins.


Collect various items from around the house and place them on a table. Ask the girls to gather around the table. Give them one minute to study the items on the table. Then ask the girls to leave the room. Remove one item from the table. Instruct the girls to re-enter the room. Give each girl a chance to guess the missing item. If no one guesses correctly, reveal the item and try again. Begin the game with 10 to 15 items. If the game proves too difficult, remove a few items and play the game with fewer items on the table. If the game proves too easy, begin again with more items added. Make sure the game provides a memory challenge, but holds the girl's interest and remains fun to play.

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