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Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Be polite about asking for objects on the scavenger list.
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Both scavenger hunts and murder mysteries are entertaining ideas for a party, so combining the two can be twice the fun, and encourages creative ideas. Murder mystery scavenger hunt ideas can help build teamwork and friendships, and can give you time to finish preparing for the party while your guests hunt for murderers around the town.

Clue Hunt

Make every item on the list a clue to the murder. Include clues for who was where, when the murder took place, the motive, the instrument used in the murder, and the identity of the murderer. Or, instead of the items being clues, each item successfully obtained can be traded for a clue. At the end of the hunt, give the players a list of possible key factors of the murder mystery and allow them to take turns guessing.

A variation on the clue hunt, this scavenger hunt will lead the participants to different locations where directions to the next place will be found. For a twist, have the players give something in exchange for the next directions or have them carry something that they pick up at one place to exchange at the next place. Each direction will lead them closer to the crime scene, which can also be the final destination of the party. There, they discover who the murderer is.

Race for Life

This murder mystery isn't about solving a murder, but preventing one--yours! Each article successfully obtained gives you a point. The person or group with the greatest amount of points is the winner. The one with the least amount of points is murdered--in the game, that is. Afterward, the remaining living participants can solve the murder. To add to the excitement, put a time limit on solving the murder. Every time a certain passage of time elapses, the living person or group is murdered also. Continue until the murders are solved, or when no one is left alive.

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