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How to Gift Celebrities

Celebrities don't go through their large amount of mail themselves.
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It is a good gesture to show your admiration for a celebrity with a gift, but having your gift reach his hands might be difficult. Celebrities receive a high volume of mail, some of which might be potentially dangerous. Unless you know a celebrity's relative or a close friend to give you their home address, you too will have to follow the indirect way of sending a gift: through the person's agency. However, you still won't be sure the gift will reach its final destination.

Note down the address of the celebrity's agency. You can find it either on the contact section of their official website. Otherwise, visit "Fanmail.biz" or "Contact Any Celebrity" (requires a paid subscription).

Place your gift in a durable box, along with a personal note for the celebrity. Be aware that for reasons of security, agency employees may examine the note.

Type a letter for the receiver of the mail (the agency employee), describing who you are -- along with occupation information and contact details -- and why you sent this gift. Write in a formal style, to convince the employee you are serious about your offer. Don't forget to mention special reasons you sent the gift (for example, your kids asked or it's part of a charity event).

Sign the letter to the agency employee, using blue-ink pen, easily distinguishable from the letter's black font. Place the paper on top of the gift and close the box.

Write the delivery address on top of the box, as well as your own address, in case agency employees decide not to forward your gift to the celebrity and send it back.


Stress in your letter to the receiver that the gift is not part of any promotional campaign. In addition, acknowledge that by receiving the gift, the celebrity does not endorse its brand or your business (if you offered the gift from your own stock). It is strictly a personal gesture.

Do not write an extremely long and tiring letter for agency employers. Keep it concise, stressing the important details.

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