How to Write to the View Talk Show

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Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Prepared Comments
  • Personal Contact Information

The View has been a staple among morning talk shows since it premiered in 1997. The 2003 Daytime Emmy Award Winning show features four or five female co-hosts, who have changed over the show's history, that interview guests and discuss current events. The View actively encourages audience participation and feedback from their viewer base. It is easy to contact The View with a comment, question or suggestion pertaining to one of its broadcasts.

Writing to The View

Carefully consider what will be submitted.
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Write down the comment, question or suggestion to be submitted. The statement should be concise and articulate to avoid confusion.

The View accepts viewer comments online.
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Turn on a computer and sign on to the Internet.

The View's contact page is easy to interpret.
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Go to the contact page of The View's website. See "Resources" for a direct link.

Ensure up-to-date contact information is provided.
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Enter the personal contact information required to submit a query, including your name, email address, city and state.

Copy the question from the notepad into the entry box.
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Copy the comment, question or suggestion in the box provided from what was written on the notepad.

Correct spelling is important and impressive.
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Double check the statement for spelling accuracy and clarity.

The comment is sent to The View's producers.
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Click the blue "Submit" button on the bottom of the page to send the query to the staff of The View.


  • If your goal is to grab the staff's attention, try to make the submitted comment as punchy, personal and appealing as possible. Consider reading the comment to friends or family to ask for their revisions or suggestions.


  • The View receives thousands of comments from viewers every week. While the staff makes an effort to respond to all inquiries, it may take them a few weeks to do so.


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