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Pageant Gift Ideas

Give an appropriate pageant gift to a participant or supporter.
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A beauty pageant, whether for young children or Miss America contestants, consists of glitz, glamour, big smiles and noteworthy fashion. Whatever the age of the contestant or how publicized the pageant is, gifts relating to pageantry are appropriate for the occasion. Pageant gifts can be given to contests and fans who wish to show support.

Spa Services

Beauty pageant contestants put a lot of time and effort into appearance and talents displayed during a competition. Reward a deserving pageant participant with a meaningful gift. Offer to cover the cost of pageantry preparation by giving a contestant a gift certificate to get hair extensions, an up-do hairstyle, hair color, hair cut, makeup applications, tanning session or eyelash extensions. Another option is to give a post-pageant gift of relaxation like a gift certificate for a massage or facial.

Gift Bags

The pageant hosts can hand out gift bags to each participant in the pageant. This way, each contestant can take something home, even if it isn't the crown, title or scholarship money. The gifts can come from sponsors who donate items. Items to include in the bags, depending on the sponsors include makeup, food, a beverage, compact mirror, "Pageantry Magazine," gift certificates and hair products. The actual gift bag can be a tote with the name of the pageant contest or contestant's name on the outside.


Fans of pageants include parents, friends, significant others and other family members of the pageant contestants. These important supporters of pageant life deserve a gift as well. Often, parents or other family members put a lot of money into pageants. Pageant contestants can give fans T-shirts to wear to the beauty event that say something along the lines of "Pageant Mom" or "Pageant Dad." Other gift items include sweatshirts, baseball caps or buttons with similar pageant-related phrases.


For some beauty pageant contestants, it is all about the jewelry. The ultimate reward for most is to wear a winning crown or tiara. Give a pageant participant a piece of jewelry to be worn while competing in the pageant or as a gift for winning a pageant title. This can be a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring or hair pin in rhinestones or pearls. The jewelry can feature an image of a crown and be engraved with the contestant's name or initials.

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