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Animal Volunteering Jobs for Kids Ages 11 & Up

A girl connects with a pug.
DenKuvaiev/iStock/Getty Images

Many children are born with a love of animals and a desire to interact with them. Volunteering can allow kids to gain compassion and respect for animals and also help them decide whether careers with animals are in their future.

Animal Shelters

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All animals shelters need volunteers to perform such tasks as walking and exercising dogs, playing with cats, cleaning cages and feeding the animals.

Fund-Raising Events

Volunteers work at a bake sale.
Dan Chippendale/iStock/Getty Images

Fund-raising events are a large component of the success of animal shelters. Kids can help by stuffing envelopes, hanging event posters and raising funds through bake or craft sales.


A boy feeds a bull dog in the kitchen.
Chris Amaral/Photodisc/Getty Images

Home fostering homeless pets is a great way to teach kids the responsibilities of being pet owners without making long-term commitments.


A girl works with a golden retriever outside.
Boarding1Now/iStock/Getty Images

Some organizations, such as Guiding Eyes for the Blind, believe that early socialization is paramount to the development of all dogs. Volunteers are responsible for providing puppies with tactile massage, early training and auditory stimulation.


A girl observes a cat and a vet technician in an animal clinic.
Catherine Yeulet/iStock/Getty Images

Certain organizations may provide teen volunteers with community service hours, school credit, letters of recommendation and the potential for full-time employment when they are older.


A malamute in a crate at a shelter.
cynoclub/iStock/Getty Images

Age requirements for young volunteers vary from shelter to shelter. Also, a certain amount of strength and stamina is needed to handle dogs at adoption events and to perform kennel-maintenance work.

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