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The Best Way to Wash a Columbia Fleece

Columbia fleece jackets are warm, durable and easy to care for.
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Columbia is a company that specializes in high quality sportswear for men, women and children. Columbia fleece garments, ranging from jackets and pants to gloves and socks, are warm and highly durable. These fleece garments, if cared for properly, can provide you with warmth and comfort for many years. Caring for a garment includes using the garment as directed, proper storage and, perhaps most importantly, proper cleaning.

Read the care instructions (usually contained on the label of the fleece garment) before attempting to wash it.

Zip up any zippers on the garment to prevent loose zippers from catching on the fleece as it washes.

Turn the garment inside out to prevent pilling. Pilling is the development of small balls of fleece on the surface of the fleece and does not reduce the effectiveness of the garment but can look unattractive.

Turn your washing machine settings to cold water and gentle cycle.

Add a mild detergent. Do not use products that contain bleach and avoid fabric softeners. You can purchase fleece-specific laundry soaps from Columbia and other sporting goods stores but a mild detergent is usually gentle enough.

Wash the garment separately or with other fleece items of a similar color.

Hang the garment to air-dry. If you absolutely must use a dryer, use the air tumble setting. Air-drying reduces that chance of the garment forming piling.


Some Columbia fleece garments are treated for water resistance. If your garment is treated in this manner, wash only when absolutely necessary. Frequent washing may reduce water resistance.

If your Columbia fleece develops pilling, you can remove it by lightly running a disposable razor along the surface of the garment.


  • Do not use a high heat setting on your washing machine or dryer and never use an iron on your fleece garment. Fleece is created from polyester fibers, which are a type of plastic, and can melt. Do not dry clean a Columbia fleece garment.
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