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How to Get Water Out of Couch Cushions

Family life can sometimes mean water gets spilled on a couch by accident.
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Couches are a common feature in almost every home in America and are part of daily family life. This means couches are exposed to a lot of dirt and other substances, including moisture or spilled liquids. If couch cushions get wet from water, it will take some work to get the water out of the cushions and restore the couch. While some fabric may be more water resistant than other types of fabric or material, it is possible to help dry the couch cushions.

Things You'll Need:

  • Towel(S)
  • Books
  • Heater
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Clothes Dryer

Unzip the couch cushions, if possible, and take the foam material out of the fabric cover. Set the foam in a clean, dry place to dry. Allow to air dry thoroughly.

Place the cushion covers in a clothes dryer and run on an “Air Dry” or “Tumble Only” cycle to dry the fabric. Do not use a heated cycle because it may shrink the fabric.

Use a wet/dry vacuum to suction up as much water as possible if the couch cushions cannot be unzipped to remove the inner material.

Place large, absorbent towels on the couch and lightly press down on the towels to absorb as much water as possible. Set books or other medium-weight items on top of the towels to help press the towels into the cushion.

Use a hair dryer or set the couch cushions in front of a heater to warm up and dry the cushions. Do not place the cushion too close to the heater to reduce the risk of the fabric catching fire.


Avoid sitting on or using the couch cushions until thoroughly dry.

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