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How to Clean Tapestry Upholstery

It is not hard to remove dust and dirt from tapestry upholstery.
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Tapestry upholstery is a type of fabric that depicts various scenes, including landscapes, floral patterns, religious scenes and individuals performing tasks like playing sports. The fabric also contains embellishments and multiple layers. Tapestry upholstery, like other fabrics, is not immune to dust and dirt. It is possible to clean the fabric at home, including removing fresh spills and loose dirt. However, for dried stains, you must solicit a commercial dry cleaning service that specializes in cleaning tapestry upholstery.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cheesecloth
  • 2 White, Soft Cloths Or Towels
  • Rubber Band
  • Vacuum Cleaner With Brush Attachment

Place a piece of cheesecloth around the bottom of your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. Secure the material to the attachment with a rubber band. The cheesecloth will keep any debris inside the brush attachment from soiling your tapestry upholstery during the vacuuming process.

Move any furniture sitting next to or in front of the tapestry upholstery, if the fabric is hanging, to access the fabric. If possible, move the piece of fabric to a flat surface like a clean floor or other surface.

Vacuum the fabric with the brush attachment to remove any loose dust and dirt. Avoid vacuuming any movable decorations and embellishments—the suction action can damage or remove these elements.

Turn the tapestry upholstery over and vacuum the back of the fabric. Rehang or place the fabric back in its original location once the vacuuming process is complete.


To remove fresh liquid spills from tapestry upholstery, place a white, soft cloth or towel over the spill to absorb the liquid. Remove the cloth or towel, then blot the spill with another white, soft cloth or towel to remove any remaining liquids. If the spill is dry, take the tapestry upholstery to a dry cleaning service that specializes in cleaning tapestry fabric.

When storing tapestry upholstery, store the fabric rolled instead of folded to keep creases from developing. Place the fabric in a cool, dry room away from direct sunlight.

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