How to Get on a Drug Intervention TV Show

If your loved one is suffering from drug addiction, reality TV may provide an unexpected source of hope. The Emmy-winning A&E program Intervention, canceled in 2013, returned for a new run in 2015 on sister network LMN. The program chronicles family-centered efforts to help individuals recover from life-threatening addictions to drugs, alcohol and compulsive behavior.


  • Although the lure of complimentary treatment, including a 90-day stay in a rehab facility and family counseling, can be appealing, Intervention has faced criticism that it exploits vulnerable addicts. Despite the show's impressive success rate, weigh carefully the pros and cons of battling personal demons in a highly public forum.

Submit the online nomination form

Carefully fill out the "Submit your loved one" form on the show's website. Be honest about your loved one's struggles and your family's personal circumstances. Intervention has no procedure for self-nomination - all applicants must be nominated.

Read the terms and conditions

Be sure you fully understand and accept the legal implications of the document before submitting.

Other Intervention-Style Shows

If your family is not selected for Intervention, consider these alternative reality television programs:

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