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How to Be a Contestant on the Newlywed Game

Life might not a walk on the beach after you reveal what you know about your spouse on national television.
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If you are a newlywed and aren't satisfied with the mild embarrassments you have in front of your friends and family, take it to the next level. Earn a spot for you and your spouse on The Newlywed Game and reveal some of the deepest secrets the two of you share. Just ask yourself before signing up if the prize will be worth the guilt she might take you on if you embarrass her.

Apply to be a contestant on the show before your two-year wedding anniversary. According to the requirements on the Embassy Row website, you can not be married for more than two years at the time of the taping of the episode you appear.

Read the rules and regulations document on the Embassy Row website, which is the producer of The Newlywed Game. Two regulations on the website indicate you must be 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States.

Apply at the Embassy Row website using the online application to be a contestant on The Newlywed Game.

Include a photograph of the two of you as part of your application. Make it unique to stand out from the crowd.

Answer questions in the application about your dating life, proposal story and what you like and dislike about your spouse. Provide as many details as possible to draw the attention of the producers.

Be available for a phone interview. Record a video of the two of you talking about each other in case the producers request it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Photograph of the two of you together


Answer all of the questions thoroughly. Choose something that will help you stand out from the other contestants. Remember that the written application is the first step. You will then advance to a personal interview for a chance to be on the show. Think of the application as your resume.


  • The online application form is quite extensive with more than 20 questions about your personal relationship. Be prepared to spend at least an hour filling it out.
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