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How to Contact Celebrity Singers

Celebrity singers are notoriously difficult to contact.
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When you see them so frequently on TV, in the newspapers and even on the street, celebrities feel like a tangible part of your everyday life. Despite appearances, it may be more difficult than you imagine to get a hold of singers like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or Dave Grohl. We've devised some tactics for the next time you want to contact a celebrity singer.

Visit the singer's website, which will have contact information for the celebrity's record label and management company, including phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses. If no contact details are available, address your letter to the singer and send it via email or regular mail to both companies.

Contact the record label and management company to ask where to send mail to the singer. The fan mail process may be handled differently by each artist and company.

Send a letter to a tour venue. Singers spend a lot of time on the road, so find out where they are stopping on tour and send a letter to the celebrity in care of the venue.

Use social networks. These have broken down the barriers of communication between singers and their fans. Twitter allows you to send messages directly to celebrities, while official Facebook and Myspace pages and YouTube channels provide a further opportunities for comment.

Visit the library. Your local library should have "The Star Directory," an annual publication containing many celebrities' addresses. If the singer's address is available, write a letter and include a self-addressed envelope for return mail.


Be wary of agencies that charge a fee to get you in contact with celebrities--many are scams.

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