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How to Prepare for a Child's Pageant

Prepare for a Child's Pageant
Image by A Hermitt

If your child is about to do her first pageant, there are several things you should know beforehand. While these tips will not guarantee that your child will win the pageant, following these tips can help you to avoid mistakes.

Prepare for a Child's Pageant
Image by A Hermitt

Things You'll Need:

  • Pageant Clothing
  • Pageant Fees

Read all rules and regulations for the pageant. In your introductory information or pageant package, you will find a list of rules, regulations and requirements. This information will tell you everything from what is required in a pageant wardrobe, the height of shoes, makeup rules, as well as other suggestions and restrictions. Failure to read these rules can cause you to make a mistake such as have a talent routine that is too long, or wearing gloves when none are allowed.

Choose the best wardrobe. An expensive wardrobe is not the key to finding the best wardrobe. Instead, you need to make sure that the clothing meets the pageant restrictions for age appropriateness, that it is a good color for the child, and that it fits her well. Clothing needs to be altered for best fit a week or two before the pageant.

Practice, practice, practice. Beginning two or three months before the pageant, have a short but focused practice session. Children may need to memorize their introduction. They may need to learn their talent. They may need to make a speech. Daily practice will help them perfect their routine or speech. The child should also practice posture, speaking clearly and looking people in the eye when they speak.

Being in the best physical shape possible for her age and body makeup. While you don’t want to give a child a complex about her size or shape, she needs to be physically active and healthy to compete in a pageant. Most pageants require a dance number or other routine that involves some degree of stamina. She will need to be able to keep up with the other children.

Spend some time with a pageant coach. Pageant coaches can give your child a lot of information and tips that are specific to that child. Whether your daughter has three hours to spend with a pageant coach (as it can be costly) or whether they spend a great deal of time being coached, getting focused attention from someone who has been in the business and knows how it works is invaluable.


If you choose clothing carefully, you won't have to worry about buying more for future pageants. Pay close attention and call the director and ask questions about pageant preparation. If you send the pageant director a photo of your child in her dress, she may give you suggestions on it.


  • Remember, pageants are supposed to be a fun experience for the child. Try to eliminate pressure.
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