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How to Describe a Ballerina

Ballet requires a great degree of hard work and commitment.
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Ballet originated in Italy in the 1400s with large-scale dance performances given as entertainment during dinners in great halls. It further grew in France, and in 1661, King Louis XIV established the Academie Royale de Danse, a professional organization for dancing masters. Ballet has grown into a popular style of dance. Dancers are generally known for their grace and beauty, and many aim to work with dance companies in large cities around the world.

Categories used to describe ballerinas

Describe her background and training. Ballet requires a high degree of athleticism and long hours of training. Most professional dancers begin around the ages of 7 or 8, with serious training starting by the time they are 12. Professional auditions generally start around the age of 17 or 18, according to State University. You should also include if she trained under any famous teachers, at famous schools such as Julliard and the shows in which she may have performed.

Describe her physical and mental characteristics and how she transforms that in her dancing. Many ballerinas can be described as graceful, strong, athletic or light on their feet. Ballerinas are also elegant, committed and dedicated. They may also be expressive, passionate or even bold. You may also want to include information about how the audiences react to her on stage. Is she popular and well loved? These are characteristics worth noting and often contribute to the success of a dancer.

Technique is another way you can describe a ballerina. She has likely mastered moves that might require a certain level of skill or degree of difficulty. Are her moves fluid or strong and defined? A ballerina may also incorporate other forms into her style of dance, including jazz, modern or even hip hop. You can describe the tightness of her turns, pirouettes, the perfection of her extensions or the height of her leaps.


If you are trying to describe a specific ballet dancer, read reviews about shows in which she has performed, check out her photos and if you can, see her dance live.

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