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Girly Game Ideas for Sleepovers

Play games for a fun sleepover.
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Girls under the age of 12 enjoy getting together for sleepovers. Sleepover parties are supervised by one or more parents at their home. Girls enjoy each other's company while doing make-up, dancing to music or playing sleepover games. Games can keep the girls occupied for the entire evening and create lasting memories.

Nail Polish Spin Game

Have the girls sit in a circle and place a bottle of nail polish in the center of them. One girl spins the bottle and whomever the cap is pointing to when it stops spinning must paint one nail that color. Another colored bottle is placed in the center of the circle again and the game continues until everyone has a wacky set of painted fingers and toes. A parent may want to supervise younger girls in this game to avoid a mess. Use newspaper on the floor and keep nail polish remover handy.

M&M Challenge

Place candy in a bowl. The girls sit in a circle as the bowl is passed around. The goal is to choose two candies out of the bowl that are the same color. However, she must close her eyes. She shows everyone her two candies, and if they are the same color, she can chew them. If the colors are different, she must hold the candies in her mouth until the bowl comes around again. The girls cannot chew the candy in their mouth until they choose two of the same color. The game can go on for several rounds with mouths full of candy.

Stuffy Game

Have each girl bring her favorite teddy bear from home. Gather the teddy bears into a pile on the floor. Blindfold all of the girls and have them all at once go into the pile to find which teddy bear is theirs. Parents will want to stay close by to avoid any accidents, as the girls are blindfolded. Offer a prize to the girl who can find her bear the fastest.

Who’s in The Bag?

Sleeping bags are an essential item for sleepovers and can also be used for a game that will result in lots of giggles. Open all of the sleeping bags on the floor in one room. One girl volunteers to leave the room. The remaining girls climb into a sleeping bag that is not theirs. The volunteer comes back into the room and taps a sleeping bag to begin her questioning to find out who is in the bag. The girls in the bag should disguise their voices with their craziest accent. Once the volunteer guesses correctly, the girl in the sleeping bag can come out.

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