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Games to Play With a Group Sitting on Chairs

Sitting games are great for an office party.
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Whenever you have a get-together among friends, you want to provide your company with as much entertainment as possible. For an indoor party, however, you may find the games less about physical challenges and more about getting to know each other. Plan some games in this inside space and utilize the chairs you have available.

Blanketed Names

For a group that has just recently met one another, play this game. Start by dividing the group into two teams. Position two sets of chairs for each team so that the chairs face each other. Have the teams sit down in the chairs. Two volunteers hold up a blanket dividing the groups so they can't see each other. When ready, count down from 10. By 10, both teams have to pick one person to stand up right behind the blanket. The blanket drops when you say "one," and each standing player has to try to say the person's name she is looking at before her opponent. The first player to do this gets a point for her team. After several rounds, the team with the most points wins.

Things in Common

Gather enough chairs for every player except one and position them side by side. Pick one player to stand up in front of everyone while the others stay seated. She has to say something about herself, such as "I've seen the Eiffel Tower" or "I like the movie "Bambi." Everyone who shares this revelation with her has to quickly stand up and find another chair to sit in, including the player at the front. The person unseated after the switch now has to have a turn revealing something about himself. Keep playing until everyone has said something.

Up Close and Personal

Divide the players into pairs and sit each pair in facing chairs. When you say "Go," the pairs all have to start staring at each other without laughing or making any noise. Anyone who breaks her silence gets herself and her partner eliminated from the game. Once an elimination occurs, the pairs all switch partners to form new pairs. The last remaining pair in the game wins.

My Prince Charming

Divide the players into pairs. Have half of the pairs sit in a row of chairs while the other half stands at their side. Blindfold all the standing partners while the seated partners throw all their shoes in a large pile about 6 feet from the row of chairs. When you say "Go," the blindfolded partners have to retrieve their partners' shoes by listening to their partners' directions. The first pair to have both correct shoes on the seated partner's feet wins the game.

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