How to Play Heads Up Seven Up

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Heads Up Seven Up is a guessing game often played in the classroom. There are two versions of the game. In the first, seven people are "it." In the second version, only one player is designated as "it."

Seven Students Standing

Seven students stand in front of the class while the rest put their heads down on their desks so they can't see anything. The standing students go around the room and each touch one sitting student before returning to the front of the class. Once touched, those sitting put their thumbs up, showing they've already been picked. Once all seven standing students have chosen, they shout, "Heads up seven up!" The seven sitting students who were touched stand. Each gets one chance to guess who picked them. If they guess correctly, they get to be one of the standing seven for the next round. If not, the person who picked them goes again.

One Person Is It

All the students put their heads down and put a thumb up. The teacher secretly chooses one student to be "it;" this student then stands. He goes around the classroom touching six people. Whoever gets touched goes to the front of the room. After finishing, the original student goes to the front of the room with the others and everyone says "heads up, seven up." The rest of the students lift their heads and have to try guessing who was originally "it."


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