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How to Play Chain Tag

Chain tag makes a great ice breaker at parties and is also terrific exercise for kids. It is loads of fun, and the players learn about cooperation as they attempt to tag other players while attached to a large group, or “chain.”

Avoid being tagged by the “It” chain, which is formed as “It” tags the other players. To start out, mark a 50-by-50 foot area on an open space, and decide who will be “It.”

Have all the players stand just within the perimeter, and have “It” in the middle to start. On “go,” the player acting as “It” must attempt to tag as many people as possible and add them to his “chain.”

Any player that steps outside of the perimeter automatically becomes part of the “It” chain and must join hands with the “It” group.

The “It” group must keep holding hands as the people on either end try to tag players. The last player to get tagged is the winner, and the first person that was tagged becomes “It” for the next round.

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