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Balloon Darts Rules of Play

Balloon Darts is a classic carnival game.
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Balloon darts is a popular carnival game of skill. Players aim pointed darts at rows of inflated balloons and throw the darts. Players earn a prizes based upon the number of balloons successfully ruptured. Regulations are simple enough for players as young as 10 years old--as long as safety concerns related to the hazard of allowing children to play with sharp-tipped darts are addressed. For example, do not allow anyone to throw while darts from the prior round are being retrieved. Children need proper supervision for this game.


The balloon board is positioned twelve feet from the player.
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The balloon board is made of plywood and braced at an angle for play. The player's line is 12 feet away from the board.


Players are allowed three darts each.
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Each player throws three successive darts at the targets, one at a time. After the third dart is thrown, the turn is over and the darts are retrieved for the next player's use.


Any number of individual players may take part in balloon darts as long as they take turns with only one person throwing darts at a time. Alternately, two teams of multiple players may participate, aiming for a cumulative total to exceed the number of balloons popped by the opposing team.

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