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Games for Kids Using Donuts

Donut games make it okay to play with your food.
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Children can have a lot of fun playing games that involve eating donuts. These sugary treats make inexpensive game props that are ideal for kids birthday parties, holiday parties or even for in-class school activities. Keep in mind that food games tend to get messy, so make sure that you prepare a designated area where donut crumbs are welcome.

Name That Donut

In this game, kids must be able to identify what type of donut they are eating during a blind taste test. Have all the kids take a seat at the table and pass out blindfolds to each one. Have the kids put the blindfolds over their eyes so that they cannot see what they are going to be eating. Give each child a bite-size piece of a donut in the palm of his hand. When you say so, everyone at the table will eat the donut. Repeat the steps with a new donut flavor each time, such as glazed, chocolate and powdered sugar. After four or five taste tests, have the kids remove the blindfold and tell you what flavor of donuts they ate in the correct order.

Donuts on a String

This activity is ideal for party settings, because kids must compete against each other to be the first to eat a donut off of a string. Cut multiple pieces of string at various lengths and tie each one around a donut. Hang the strings from a ceiling or other fixture so that the donuts dangle in the air, making sure to leave enough space between each donut for the children to stand. Have the kids stand in front of a donut that meets their height. On the count of three, the kids must eat the donut using only their mouths --hands must be held behind their backs. The child who finishes eating the donut first wins.

Donut Math

If you are teaching young children to count or sort, do so with a math activity involving donut holes. For counting exercises, have your child count how many donut holes are on the table. For sorting exercises, see if your child can sort a variety of donut holes, such as glazed, chocolate and sprinkled, into their corresponding boxes or containers. If you want a more advanced activity, create math problems where you have your child add, subtract or multiply the donut holes. As a reward, let the kids eat the donut holes!

Donut Toss

This game involves tossing donuts to your teammate across the room, so be prepared to get messy! Make sure you have at least four players for this game. Split up the players into teams of two and line them up across from each other. Player A will be given a box of donuts, while Player B is given a plastic grocery bag. The objective of the game is for Player A to toss the donuts into the plastic bag without any of the donuts breaking. Player B must maneuver around to catch the donuts as gently as he can without touching them. Once all of the donuts have been thrown, the team with the most donuts still intact wins.

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