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Lead-Up Games to Floor Hockey for Elementary Kids

Floor hockey sticks laying on a gym floor.
michaklootwijk/iStock/Getty Images

Floor hockey lead-up games introduce the basic skills, focusing on only one or two skills at a time. This allows the students to build a basic foundation for each skill, which they eventually apply to an actual game situation. The lead-up games build excitement about floor hockey. Focus on proper grip and positioning during the lead-up games so the players learn proper game play techniques.

Skill Stations

Skills stations give you more control over the specific moves the kids practice. Set up a different station for each skill you want to practice. One idea is a goal station where students try to make as many goals as possible in a set amount of time. Skip the goalie so the kids focus on proper form and aim. Other ideas include passing back and forth with a partner, defending the goal and dribbling. Divide the kids between the different stations. Blow a whistle to signal the beginning and stopping point at each station. Students then rotate and complete the next station.

Circle Passing

This group game lets kids practice their passing and stopping skills. All students stand in a large circle with at least a foot on either side to provide enough room to maneuver the hockey sticks. One player passes the floor hockey puck to another player on the circle. That player stops the puck with his stick and gets it under control. He then passes the puck to another player on the circle. Encourage the kids to keep the puck moving at a fast pace. For more of a challenge, add another puck to force the kids to pay close attention.

Control Course

Orange cones mark a path for students to practice their stick control for floor hockey. Set up several different cone paths to keep the kids moving more. The kids move the puck back and forth through the cones using the hockey stick. The goal is to keep the puck under control the entire time. Encourage the kids to pick up speed as they move through the cones. For additional practice, add a goal at the end of each cone course so the kids can shoot a goal.

Mini Hockey Game

A mini floor hockey games gives the elementary students practice pulling all of the skills together in a scaled-down version. Divide the players into two teams, with each team lined up on its sideline. The first six players for each team take a position on the court. No goalies are needed for the mini game. The players stay in the game until a goal is scored. The next six players enter the game as the first six players for each team head to the end of the line.

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