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How to Win a Hoverboard Race on "Ratchet & Clank"

While "Ratchet & Clank" focuses primarily on third-person action, the game features a number of mini-games, such as hoverboard races, to give it some variety. Winning first place in both hoverboard races is necessary to get the Holo-guise, an item essential to completing the game. Skill alone won't guarantee first place in either hoverboard race; you need to know the secrets of each course if you want to win.

Planet Rilgar, Blackwater City Race

Hit the booster pad in front of you as soon as the race begins, then hit the second booster as soon as you make the first turn.

Go left and head up the ramp, then jump at the top to go through the blue speed-boost ring. Steer to the right, go up another ramp, then go through the second blue ring.

Head to the right, hit the booster, then veer left to hit another booster. Drop down to the next platform and go through the blue ring. Stay to the right, go up the ramp, and hit another blue ring. Jump through the next blue ring at the end of the platform.

Stay to the left when you reach a wide-open area filled with crates. Go up the large ramp on the left side, and jump at the top to go through the ring. Land on the right side to hit a final booster, and cross the finish line. Repeat this process two more times to win the race.

Planet Kalebo III, Gadgetron Site Race

Go through the booster pad at the beginning of the race, then steer left to pick up a rocket. Press the “Circle” button to fire the rocket, which knocks the racer in front off his board.

Head up the ramp, then press the “L1,” “L2,” “R1” or “R2” buttons to perform a trick at the top to pick up a speed boost. Steer toward the path on the right once you reach the red ramp. Press the "Square" button to use boost power to jump the gap.

Hit the three gates, then go into the tunnel. Run over the booster pad at the end of the tunnel, then head up the ramp and go through three more gates.

Cross the finish line, then immediately turn to the right to go through the shortcut. Go through the course two more times while in first place to win.


Run over green sludge monsters to get additional boosting power.


  • Avoid the explosive crates scattered around the course; they will knock you down if they hit you.
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