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How to Defeat Fortune in "MGS2"

Fortune is a boss character in “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" and, like most boss fights in the series, defeating her will involve your brain more than it will your reflexes. Players must fight her in the Deep Sea Dock area of Strut A, just outside the elevator after you have disarmed the bomb on the underside of the submarine. There is no way to damage her in this battle, as your bullets will simply miss their mark. The only way to defeat her is to survive until the battle is interrupted by a codec call.

Stay at the back of the arena and start to run back and forth across the width of the room.

Tap the “X” button as soon as you hear Fortune’s rail gun charge up to roll out of the way of the shot.

Repeat this pattern to continuously avoid Fortune’s rail gun blasts. Eventually, you will get a codec call from the Colonel and the battle with Fortune will end with a cutscene.


Hide behind the crates to use them as cover but do not stay there for too long. Fortune’s rail gun will eventually destroy cover and can set it on fire.

Do not attempt to use any weapons in this battle because you will just waste the ammunition.


  • Watch out for the fire and falling debris. Roll around if you are set on fire.
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