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How to Beat the Monorail Level in "Persona 3"

"Persona 3,"a turn-based RPG split up into days, chronicling a year in the life of a extraordinary Japanese high-school student. On May 9th, a month into the game, you will be tested by the shadows for the first time. The strange boy warns you about it, so you should have time to train in Tartarus and level up beforehand. After a long cut scene, Mitsuru drops you off at the monorail tracks where the shadow is hiding.

Run down the tracks and enter the monorail. Climb inside. The doors will slide shut and lock you and your party in.

Run down the interior of the monorail. Two shadows jump out and run away. Junpei chases them. You and Yukari are attacked from behind.

Fight two Spurious Books. Defeat them with Agi (fire), and move on.

Fight two more Spurious Books and a Heat Balance. Defeat all three with Agi (fire), and move on.

Run further down the monorail. Meet up with Junpei again. Fight a Spurious Book, a Heat Balance and a Dancing Hand. Defeat all three with Agi (fire) in this order: Spurious Book, the Dancing Hand, then Heat Balance.

After a short cut scene, the monorail starts moving and you are given a time limit. You now have eight minutes to defeat the boss.

Run toward the monorail's control room. Fight two Dancing Hands and a Laughing Table. Defeat them all with Agi (fire), and move on.

Fight two random weak shadows. Defeat them with your best Persona attacks.

Reach the final door. Heal all members of your party with Yukari and replenish your SP. Open the door. You need five minutes for this boss battle. When the time limit is up, you will die.

The boss is Priestess; she can repel ice and is immune to light and dark attacks. She has no weaknesses.

Go to the tactics menu. Make Yukari Heal/Support and Junpei Assign Target. Target Priestess for him.

Attack. Use Agi (fire) primarily and let Yukari focus on healing. Priestess will summon two Muttering Tiaras. Leave them alone. They will heal her occasionally, but if you get rid of them she will summon two more to take their place.

If Yukari is too busy, heal with Cadenza's Orpheus + Apsaras combination that heals all members.

When Priestess' HP is low enough, strike the final blow with Agi (fire) or let Junpei do it. She will die and the two Muttering Tiaras will die with her. You have defeated the first boss.


Make sure you have leveled up in Tartarus enough before you try the monorail level. Go to Tartatus three times a week and be at level 8.

Be sure to have two different saves. One should be a week before May 9th, just in case you need to level up more than you did. Remember, you can't go back in this game!


  • Priestess casts strong magical attacks that take a lot of HP. You need to heal constantly!
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