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How to Pass the Spike Room in "God of War"

In "God of War," Kratos enters the mythical temple of Pandora, where he searches for the ultimate weapon to use against his mortal enemy, Ares. After Kratos solves the puzzles and defeats the monsters on the bottom level of the temple, he ascends to the top to take on the Cliffs of Madness. To open a locked door at the top of the Cliffs of Madness, Kratos must find two necklaces, with one necklace resting in a room filled with spikes. Failing to complete the puzzle in the room within the time limit will lead to Kratos' death, as touching these spikes even once is fatal.

Cross the first half of the Cliffs of Madness. Enter the cave in front of you, after you take the elevator to the third floor of the Cliffs.

Pull the lever in the corner of the cave to start the timer. Immediately run up to the stone box next to the switch. Hold "R2" to grab the box.

Pull the box out of the hole and then, as soon as possible, jump to the other side of the box. Hold "R2" and then press "X" to kick the box to the other side of the cave.

Run to the box. The camera angle changes, revealing a ledge high above you in the corner of the cave.

Kick the box straight ahead of you. As the box flies across the room, run after it. Get behind the box and kick it across the cave to the right. This positions it directly underneath the ledge.

Double-jump onto the box to avoid the spikes as they activate. Take the Phoenix Feather from the chest, if desired, and then jump to the vines on the wall across from you.

Collect the Necklace of Aphrodite from the stand on the ledge. The spikes deactivate, making it safe to leave the cave.


Look for some chests containing experience as you exit the cave.

Return to the top of the elevator and head right to begin the journey to the Necklace of Hera, the second necklace needed to complete the puzzle.

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