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How to Free Pegasus in God of War 2

After the first Flight of the Pegasus stage in God of War II, you make your way into the Lair of the Titan. At the start of this level, the Titan causes you to crash-land and traps Pegasus under his hand. In order to free Pegasus, you must obtain the Rage of the Titans, which you get by making your way through the snowy cliffs and Typhon's lair in order to free Prometheus from his captivity.

Defeat all the harpies that appear once you land below the Titan's hand. They will appear close to the thumb. Climb down the wall afterward to find blood stones and a Gorgon's Eye, then climb back up to where the hand is.

Walk around to the left side of the hand; you'll need to attack the hand's middle finger to get around it. Climb down the cliff to the far left, avoiding the enemies that come after you. Defeat the Minotaur at the bottom of the cliff, follow the path and slide down the zip line at the end (smash the cage on the line first) to reach the snowy cliffs.

Defeat all the Minotaurs and archers. Climb up the snowy cliff and slide down the chain near the broken bridge to reach Prometheus. Attack Prometheus' chains, slide down the chain to the bottom, climb down the next cliff side, follow the next path, climb the wall near the Gorgon's Eye chest, and enter Typhon's Cavern.

Make your way through the cavern, defeating the Gorgons along the way; use evasion rolls and light attacks until the circle appears above the Gorgon's head, then grab it and follow the screen's analog stick directions to behead it. Once the Gorgons are gone, smash the pillar in your way and head down toward the save point to find Typhon.

Make your way across each ledge (waiting for a break in the gusts Typhon blows each time), then smash the pillar near the top ledge to make a bridge. Approach the top pillar across from Typhon and jump at him to get the Typhon's Bane. Use it to blind Typhon and defeat the archers and soldiers.

Return all the way back to Prometheus and use the Typhon's Bane to free him; you now have the Rage of the Titans power. Climb the new path to the cliff that has appeared, shoot down the scaffolding at the top with an arrow, climb up the scaffolding, slide down the zip line, and use Rage of the Titans to destroy the door at the end.

Return to the area where the Titan's hand is on Pegasus. With Rage of the Titans, attack all of the Titan's fingers (including the thumb at the top) to get it to release Pegasus.


Avoid attacking any enemies while you are climbing. If any follow you after you reach the top or bottom, defeat them then.

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