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How to Get to Level 5 in "The Legend of Zelda"

Whether you're playing through the first quest of "The Legend of Zelda" or are setting out on your second journey through the Land of Hyrule, getting to the Level 5 dungeon can be a little tricky. Each version of this dungeon is hidden away in a hard-to-reach location. However, with the right knowledge and the proper equipment you can get into these dungeons and retrieve the treasures they hold.

First Quest

Prepare for the dungeon. You'll want bombs to deal with the Dodongo minibosses as well as plenty of rupees so that you can fight off the irritating Pols Voices with your bow.

Head for the Lost Hills. This rocky area is in the range of hills at the northern edge of the Overworld. To reach the Lost Hills, head east from the northern shore of the lake with the rocky wall to your north. As you walk, you'll eventually come to a flight of stairs leading north.

Climb the stairs, then turn left and head to the west. You will find yourself in the Lost Hills. If you go north, east or south from here, you'll simply return to the same screen. Only the western exit actually leads anywhere. To reach Level 5, however, you actually want to stay within the Lost Hills for a little while.

Head north. You'll emerge in the same screen you left from, but don't be discouraged. Repeat the process three more times. On your fourth try, you'll hear the tune that indicates a hidden location and arrive at the entrance to Level 5.

Second Quest

Complete Level 4 -- located in the Lost Hills -- before looking for Level 5. You'll need the raft from this dungeon to reach the next one.

Walk to the southern shore of the lake. Just to the east of the river mouth you'll see a green dock.

Walk onto the dock. The raft will activate, transporting you across to the island where Level 5 is located.


You can reach the Lost Hills in several ways in addition to the method described here. You can also follow the river that flows into the lake from the north back to its source, then continue east to approach the Lost Hills from the west, or use a hidden warp to arrive in the area east of them.

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