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How Do I Get the Red Brick in the Pod Race in "Lego Star Wars"?

Obtaining the Power Brick in the fast-paced Mos Espa pod race level in "Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga” will unlock the Power Brick Detector item, which will point you toward the locations of other hidden bricks. The Power Brick in the pod race is easy to miss if you don't know where to look. Your first opportunity to grab it comes just after the beginning of the race.

Begin the race and proceed through the section of the course featuring the rocky columns. You will then come to a ledge in the track. Drop off the ledge into the area with the pit obstacles.

Steer to the left as you avoid the pits. Your instinct may be to head right and hit the speed-boost pad, but you’ll miss the Power Brick if you go in that direction.

Collect the Power Brick from the ground. It will be directly in your path just before you can veer back to the right and rejoin the main track.

Finish the race to obtain the Power Brick.


Once you collect the Power Brick, you still need to win the race. Take advantage of the speed boost pads on the track and watch out for falling rocks in the canyon area.


  • If you fail the race, you will need to obtain the Power Brick again.
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