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How to Beat Star Wars Lego City

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"Lego Star Wars" captivated gamers and fans of the epic movie series alike, as fans of all ages could enjoy the adventures from the movies in an entirely different perspective. The game wasn't finished after all of the levels were completed, as there are several levels that are available to be unlocked. The Lego City mission is one of those levels; it can be accessed as soon as you have managed to collect 10 gold bricks, but it can be tricky to collect all 1 million studs.

Build everything that is possible in the level. Plant all seeds for flowers (they will be bouncing slightly to differentiate themselves from the surroundings). Construct the two fans in the back right portion of the screen. Walk over the flowers in the left corner until you cause 19 of them to pop up, at which point you will be awarded studs. Put the flowerbeds at your starting point and destroy them, and spell out "LEGO" using the colored blocks along the back wall.

Collect all loose studs. Find these along the street to the left and up from where you start, on the playground in the lower left corner, on top of the red tower, on top of the red service station, on top of the yellow service station in the right corner, and inside every house. Smash open the houses that are sealed to get to the studs inside.

Go from house to house and collect all possible studs. Force all the windows in the red service station and smash the two roofs. Destroy the house in the center with a red roof. Smash the house with a black roof (this will also uncover the AT-ST, see Step 4). Destroy the house with the red roof next to this house. Destroy the small yellow and red house. Use the force on the house next to the Lego letters and destroy the pillar that is left over. Use a thermal detonator to destroy the shiny container in the house that floats away at the upper portion of the screen to uncover the parts for the orange car (see Step 4). Destroy all the trees in a lot near the back to make a full house (this will give you studs).

Drive several vehicles to make studs appear. Getting into the following vehicles will cause a trail of studs to appear that you must collect: AT-ST, Tauntaun and the Wookie Flyer. Smash the three trash cans in the center red house, assemble a delivery truck from the debris and ride the truck to collect the studs that appear. Dig up the orange car from inside the house that floats away at the upper center portion of the level, assemble it and collect the studs that appear when you drive it. Smash the small red and yellow house in the right corner to uncover a tractor, assemble it and collect the studs that appear when you drive it.

Destroy everything possible that is left standing. Blast or punch all of the people and womp rats. Destroy all green and white fences. Smash the bus stop by the banthas. Destroy all the street lamps that are activated after you have assembled the fans (see Step 1). Use a thermal detonator to destroy the silver container near the merry-go-round and assemble the switch from the parts.


Shoot or punch everything. The most common way to miss a few studs in this level is not blasting or smashing something. If you're still a few studs short of a million, go back and try to assemble everything possible; make sure you got all 19 flowers to rise up after walking on them in the upper left corner; thoroughly check all the houses; and make sure you have collected all the studs that pop up when you drive a vehicle.

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