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How to Get Characters in the World of Ruin on "Final Fantasy III" for SNES

After you complete the Floating Continent in "Final Fantasy III," the World of Balance ends in fire and cataclysm. Celes is separated from her companions and stranded on a desert island. After leaving the island and traveling to Albrook with the help of her old mentor Cit, she must collect members of the original party one by one.

Head to Tzen, north of Albrook, to meet Sabin. He's holding up a burning house from collapsing all by himself; you'll have to rescue the child inside. Afterward, he will rejoin your party.

Go to Nikeah to find a strange man who looks like Edgar but calls himself "Gerad." Shadow him onto the ferry to South Figaro, then head to the inn. Go to the Cave of Figaro, which leads into the castle. After clearing it, Edgar will rejoin your party.

Recruit Setzer in the pub in Kohlingen, then head southwest to Daryl's Tomb to recover the airship.

Fly south to Maranda and talk to a girl who is still getting messages from her lover -- despite his death. Agree to send a pigeon for her, and it'll go to Zozo. Follow it to find the source of the letters -- Cyan, who will rejoin your party. You'll need to buy some Rust-Rid from the honest merchant there and use it on the door that's rusted shut to get there.

Go to Narshe to re-recruit Mog -- he'll be in Narshe Cave, where you met him before. With him in the party, travel deeper into the cave to find, fight and recruit Umaro the Sasquatch.

Fly to Mobliz to find Terra, who's appointed herself protector of the orphans. Talk to her, then stick around to fight Phunbaba. Leave and come back; follow the dog in the abandoned house to reach Terra again, and fight Phunbaba again. Terra will rejoin your party.

Recruit Gau by leaving an empty spot in your party, then heading to the Veldt. Descend the cave in the Veldt to recover Shadow or Relm -- though they won't join your party just yet. You'll also find the Striker there; bet it in the Colosseum once Shadow has recovered and he'll rejoin your party.

Go to Owzer's mansion in Jidoor to defeat the possessed paintings and rescue Relm. Fly to the Fanatics Tower with her in the party to get Strago back.

Go to Triangle Islands in the northeast corner of the map; walk around until you run into the Zone Eater. Let it engulf your characters so you can enter the cave beneath. Travel through the cave to find Gogo.

Enter Phoenix Cave, a star-shaped gap in the mountains north of Tzen, by airship to find Locke. You will need to split the party in two groups.

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