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How to Beat the Evernight Abyss in "Overlord: Raising Hell"

In the game "Overlord," the expansion pack, "Raising Hell," gives players extra challenges, including the "Evernight Abyss" level, in which players wreak havoc on a theater inside the abyss. In order to defeat the abyss, players must fix a prop and then take on Oberon. The level takes about half an hour to conquer. To master the abyss, players must solve puzzles and battle a collection of wraiths as well as elves.

Enter the abyss, located in the clearing where you battled Oberon. Summon a horde at the entryway. Kill some bugs on the right, then turn to the right. Turn left, then through the gate. The next area brings you to a gate of roots. Pull the lever on the left of the gate by sweeping the minions over the roots to the lever. The lever activates a spotlight that kills the roots. The gate will open.

Kill the wraith. Enter the theater and watch the cut scene.

Leave your minions and go backstage. Kill the large wraiths with shields, who can kill your minions with one touch. Go back and collect your minions. Kill the shooters along the back wall by using bombs and then sweeping your minions to them.

Find the large reel, located above the wraith changing room. Wait until the wraiths line up for their entrance in Act 2, then turn the reel. When the dwarfs are called to stage, go on. Push the backdrop with minion assistance. Blow up the revealed rock wall with bombs and go behind the backdrop. Kill the shielded wraith here. Go back on stage and push the backdrop more. Send a minion to collect a bomb, and then sweep him across the stage to the rock wall on the right. Enter the opening. Sweep a minion onto the block to pull the lever, which opens up a pathway to the Terror prop.

Repair the prop by collecting two missing spokes. Go to the backdrop and push it one more time. Leave the minions at the pits, and go up the stairs onto the catwalk. Kill the shielded wraith, then call a handful of minions to grab the first spoke at the end of the catwalk. Get the rest of the minions and go through the opening in the theater wall. Kill the big wraith with your strongest minion spell. Crush the pumpkins to get the spoke and send them to the prop.

Push the prop down the path and onstage. Kill the elves and mount the prop on the reel. Use the minions to turn the reel to burn Oberon. This will take a few passes with the prop. Kill the attacking wraiths. Collect the stone behind Oberon, then defend it from attacking elves. Place the stone on a waypoint to end the level.

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