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How to Learn Headbash in "Spyro 2"

In "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage," you may have noticed unbreakable treasure chests that prevent you from collecting all the gems in a stage. You cannot open these chests until your character, Spyro the dragon, learns the headbash move. After learning headbash, you can also break boulders and destroy certain enemies. As with all of your other moves, you learn how to headbash after paying the greedy bear Moneybags for a lesson. Moneybags is eagerly waiting for your business in the Winter Tundra world.

Gather 1,000 gems. Find gems scattered on the ground in every hub world and stage. Kill enemies and break open chests to receive gems of a random value.

Go through the portal in Autumn Plains to get to Winter Tundra. Run straight ahead until you see Moneybags the bear in front of a large stone door.

Walk up to Moneybags to talk to him. Say "Yes" when he asks if you want to learn the headbash move for 1,000 gems.

Jump into the air and press "Triangle" on your PlayStation controller to perform a headbash.


Use headbash on the rock in front of the stone door to open it. You must open this door to challenge Ripto, the final boss.

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