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How to Get to the Barrens From Stormwind

Traveling from the human capital of Stormwind to the Barrens of Kalimdor can be a intimidating journey to make in the "World of Warcraft." The journey required is full of danger, coming from both the monsters that roam the countryside, and players of the opposing faction. By the time you reach the Barrens, you will have traversed jungle roads and braved the rugged waves of the ocean. Traveling to the Barrens from Stormwind should not be attempted until you exceed level 20.

Strike forth from Stormwind, following the road leading from the main gate located in the southeastern section of the city.

Follow the road from Stormwind east, traveling through Elwynn Forrest.

Turn south at the fork in the road once you reach the border of Redridge Mountains. This road will take you into Duskwood.

Follow the road through Darkshire, then turn left when the road forks at the Yorgen Farmstead.

Head south, following the road into Stranglethorn Vale. You must stay on the road until you reach Booty Bay.

Board the boat located at the Booty Bay docks. The boat will take you to Ratchet in Kalimdor.

Follow the road East out of Ratchet until you cross the Barrens border.


Grab the flight paths located in Duskwood, Booty Bay, and Ratchet as you pass through them. This will make return trips much quicker and safer. Staying as close to the road as possible will minimize the chance of you aggroing a random monster.


  • If you are playing on a Player Vs. Player server, opposing players will be able to initiate combat with you in any of the zones, with the exception of Elwynn Forest. Stranglethorn Vale in particular is a hotbed for player vs. player activity.
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