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How to Get to the Borean Tundra From Orgrimmar

The Borean Tundra serves as a gateway to the continent of Northrend in the "Wrath of the Lich King" expansion of "World of Warcraft" -- so long as you can actually get there, that is. There are several ways to reach the tundra should you choose to venture there. The easiest way is by hopping a vessel from your faction's capital, but the wiles of Mages and Warlocks can also assist you in reaching your frozen objective.

Alliance Boats

Alliance players looking to test their mettle in the Borean Tundra need look no further than the icebreaker leaving Stormwind Harbor. The ship awaits at the last berth in Stormwind City's harbor and is easily distinguished from other travel vessels by its eagle-themed figurehead. The ship arrives and departs roughly every five minutes and takes you directly to Valiance Keep, the Alliance stronghold in Borean Tundra.

Horde Zeppelins

Horde players must take to the skies to reach Borean Tundra by boarding one of Orgrimmar's many zeppelins. The zeppelin to Borean Tundra lands at the westernmost tower in Valley of Strength and is distinguished from the others by its shark-like paint job. Like the boats, zeppelins arrive roughly every five minutes and take you directly to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.

Portals to Dalaran

Portals are a faction-neutral option for getting to Borean Tundra. At level 74, Mages learn the ability "Portal: Dalaran," which sends any party members who click the portal to Dalaran in Crystalsong Forest. From there it's a short flight to Borean Tundra. The personal version, "Teleport: Dalaran," is available for mages at level 71. Characters in Pandaria can also use a city portal to head to Dalaran; the portals are in Shrine of Seven Stars for Alliance and Shrine of Two Moons for Horde.

Summoning Stones and Warlocks

Another way to quickly get to Borean Tundra is to be summoned there. This option can be a little convoluted as it requires two or three people to pull off. The Nexus dungeon complex in Borean Tundra has a summon stone that, when used by two who are already there, summons you directly without any delays. Warlocks can create the same effect anywhere in Borean Tundra using "Ritual of Summoning," but require two others to complete the ritual and create their summoning portal.

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