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How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

If you ride the bus, make sure you've got plenty to drink.
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"Ride the Bus" is a great icebreaker at a college party. You may have to go through a practice round of the game so that everyone can get familiar with the rules but, once everyone gets the hang of it, you'll be riding the bus in no time. All you need is a deck or two of cards, depending on how many people you have playing, and plenty of your favorite alcoholic drink.

Set out 15 cards in a pyramid. Place one card in the first row, two cards in the second row, three cards in the third row, four cards in the fourth row and five cards in the fifth row.

Deal out the rest of the cards to everyone who is playing the game. If you have a large group of people, you can add more decks and expand the pyramid accordingly.

Flip over the card in the first row. If any of the players have that same number card, they can lay it down and give one drink to any person of their choice. If a player lays down two of that number card, he can give out two drinks. In the second row, a player can give out two drinks per matching card, in the third row a person can give out three drinks per matching card and so on.

Continue to flip over cards until all of the cards in the pyramid have been flipped over. When all of the cards in the pyramid have been turned over, the person with the most cards left has to "ride the bus." If there is a tie, all players involved in the tie must ride the bus.

Lay out ten cards in a row, facedown. Start to flip over the cards. If any numbered card is flipped over, the individuals riding the bus get to move on to the next card. However, if a Jack is flipped over, the individuals riding the bus must take a drink and the dealer must add another card to the row. Two drinks must be taken and two cards must be added for a Queen, three drinks must be taken and three cards added for a King and four drinks must be taken and four cards must be added for an Ace. Proceed in this manner until all cards in the row are flipped over.

Things You'll Need:

  • Beer
  • Cards
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