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How to Get High Jump Boots in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night"

The massive castle Alucard must explore in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is filled with hidden nooks and crannies; finding powerful items like the Gravity Boots is key to reaching previously inaccessible areas. To acquire this ancient relic, which allows Alucard to leap to incredible heights in a straight vertical line, players must first gain the Leap Stone, located in the Castle Keep, and the Form of Mist, which is found in The Colosseum. Then, use both items to procure the Soul of Bat Relic in The Long Library -- once you have them all, you're finally ready to acquire the Gravity Boots.

Instructions for Obtaining the Gravity Boots

Enter the clock room, located at the center of the castle map. This will require some backtracking if you've just found the Soul of Bat relic. To get back to the clock room, head east through The Long Library until you reach The Outer Wall. Once here, head south, then west into The Marble Gallery. Keep heading west until you hit the appropriately named clock room; the clocks will be the first clue that you've arrived at your destination.

Activate the Soul of Bat relic and transform into a bat. Be careful though, because if you run out of MP while using bat form you will change back to Alucard.

Fly up through the opening in the center of the ceiling and follow the path through the center corridor. There's only one way to go, so don't worry about getting lost.

Flap your bat wings up through the room on the next screen. Stop when you reach a horizontal hallway extending to the left and the right.

Walk to the left for a potion, Life Apple, and Hammer. Taking the right hand path will lead to the item you've been looking for: the Gravity Boots.


To reap the benefits of the Gravity Boots, players must push down on the directional pad, then up while pushing the jump button on the controller. Using them launches Alucard in a straight vertical line that's only interrupted by smashing into ceilings or enemies.

With the newly found Gravity Boots and the Soul of Bat relic, it's now possible to do some extensive backtracking to pick up a variety of rare goodies. Two items that are worth the time are the Holy Mail armor, found by heading east from the entrance, then north at the first opportunity, then backtracking west, and the Power of Wolf, which is hidden at the very top of the castle entrance.

If you're a fledgling cartographer looking to hit the 200.6% mark, which is the maximum completed map percentage, the Gravity Boots are an essential item. They're also a requirement to obtain the hidden items under the librarian's chair. Go to the room under the library, use the boots to vault up through the opening in the ceiling and reap the rewards: Dracula's Tunic, Axe Lord Armor, and the Ring of Arcana.


  • Always check your surroundings before using the Gravity Boots. Jumping up into overhead spikes is a great way to wind up in a world of pain.
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