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How to Get Minikits in the Darth Maul Level in "Lego Star Wars"

The first time you play through the "Darth Maul" level on "Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga," you'll likely notice that there are a few Minikits you cannot obtain. The only way to obtain all ten hidden Minikits is to complete the level in "Story" mode, and return to it in "Free Play" mode with the proper characters. To get all ten Minikits, you will need characters that have the Imperial, Bounty Hunter and Sith special abilities.

Chase Darth Maul away from the first area and jump over to the section with two ships.

Use your Force powers on the ship to your left to raise it up. Jump on top of the raised ship and collect the first Minikit. Jump on top of the other ship in this area to collect the second Minikit.

Jump on one of the yellow platforms on either side of the exit while using a Jedi character. Use the Force on the other platform, which will cause the computer player to do the same to your platform, or have another human player use the Force on your platform. Switch to a Stormtrooper to activate the panel next to the raised yellow platform.

Enter the room that was opened with the activated panel. Use the Force on every light in this room to make the third Minikit appear at the far end of the room. Exit this room, jump down and go through the exit next to the yellow platforms.

Run to where you see Darth Maul. He'll jump away, but don't follow him yet. Follow the bottom level all the way around until you see a shiny barrier blocking a Minikit. Use a bounty hunter to blow up the barricade with a thermal detonator and collect the fourth Minikit.

Go back to where Darth Maul jumped away and jump over to the same area. Jump all the way over to a grappling point, then use a character with grappling ability (like Han Solo or a Stormtrooper) to reach a small ledge. Jump up to the next platform, then to the area with all the Lego studs.

Go to the far right platform. Use the Force on the gears next to the platform to raise it up, then use a high jumper (like Jar Jar Binks) to jump on the raised platform and collect the fifth Minikit.

Go to the start of the third area on the semi-circular platform. Go left and use a Stormtrooper to activate the moving platform. Jump onto the platform and ride it to collect the sixth Minikit.

Jump over to the center section where Darth Maul is now waiting for you. Jump to the circular ledge on the upper right side to collect the seventh Minikit. Follow Darth Maul until you reach a circular room with no exit.

Run to the right and use a character with a high jumping ability to jump onto the white platform. Perform a double jump to collect the eighth Minikit. Continue fighting Darth Maul until he jumps to another platform.

Knock Darth Maul off his platform by hurling objects at him using the Force. Use a high jumper to jump to his former platform, then perform a double jump to collect the ninth Minikit.

Use the Force to knock Darth Maul off another platform. Use a high jumper to jump onto his former platform, then perform a double jump to collect the tenth and final Minikit.


You can collect the last three Minikits in any order. It's a little easier to jump to his most recently vacated platform each time, but he'll be attacking you the entire time either way.

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