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List of Reagents and Where to Find Them in "Wizard 101"

"Wizard 101" is a massively multiplayer online game that allows you to train and battle wizards. The reagents found throughout the world of "Wizard 101" are used for a variety of quests and to make specialty cards to add to a spell deck. All the reagents can be recognized by the green sparkles that they give off, and they can be added to your inventory by left-clicking on them.

Standard Plants

A number of reagents are plants that you can find while you're walking around the world. Mist wood can be found almost anywhere within the grassy areas of Wizard City, including Unicorn's Way and Helgrid Warren. Deep mushrooms are also common and can be found in Savarstaad, Krokotopia and the Malistaire instance. Nightshade is occasionally found when you pick up a deep mushroom. A black lotus is a rare plant that's sometimes found in the road areas of MooShu and the Tree of Life. Red mandrakes can be found in Firecat Alley, on Triton Avenue and in the Helgrid Warren.

Elemental Plants

Several plants require special environments, such as lava or water, to grow. Cat tails, for instance, only grow in water. They can be be found on Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane and in the oasis in Krokotopia. The lava lily is a tall flower that can be found in the lava areas of Dragonspire and Grizzleheim. Fire blossoms are only found with lava lilies; they are extremely rare. Frost flowers can be found in any areas that have snow, such as the ice portion of Ravenwood. Grendelweed, a rare drop, is only found packaged with frost flowers.


Most gem reagents can only be acquired by buying them from in-game vendors. Jade, onyx, peridot, citrine, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and black coal are available from Elmer Meadowgrass in Wizard City, Al Saf'wan in Krokotopia, Yuji Hamada in MooShu, Zoltan Nightstone in Dragonspyre and Campbell Hodgson in Marleybone. The only harvestable gems are ore and diamonds. Ore can be found in every part of the world, though it is more common in caves. Diamonds can be only found as a rare drop when you're acquiring ore.


The three types of vials in "Wizard 101" are simple, glass and crystal. They can all be bought from Yuji Hamada in MooShu and Zoltan Nightstone in Dragonspyre. As of August 2011, simple vials cost three gold, glass vials cost seven gold and crystal vials cost 18 gold. These two vendors also sell shadow oil and ghost fire for two and 100 gold, respectively. These are required for many liquid concoctions.

Monster Drops

A number of reagents can only be acquired by defeating the monsters that drop them. Bones are dropped by a number of monsters, including skeletal pirates, runners and field guards. Leather straps are acquired from monsters such as outlaws and nirini sentries. Fish scales are dropped by piscean troopers and piscean legionnaires. Spider silk comes from boulderbones, dark fairies and any high-level spider-type monster. Ectoplasm is acquired by defeating ghost-type creatures such as runed devastators and filthy water spirits.

Other Reagents

There are a number of reagents that don't fit in any other category. Stone blocks can be harvested in many locations, including the Altar of Kings in Krokotopia and the Winterdeep Warren in Grizzleheim. Parchment is located in Grizzleheim in Helgrind Warren and in Krokotopia in the Palace of Fire and the Grand Arena. Ancient parchment rarely drops from parchment and is found in the same locations. Scrap iron can be found in any place that has machinery, such as Marleybone's Ironworks and Celestia's District of the Stars. Scrap iron rarely drops a spring.

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