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How to Get the Eye of Fire in "MapleStory"

Zakum was corrupted by the greed of the miners in El Nath.
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In "MapleStory," the Eye of Fire is an item required to summon Zakum, one of the first major bosses of the game. Zakum is an evil spirit sealed away deep in the mines of El Nath, and for good reason: he enslaved and eventually killed all of the humans in the nearby mining town. Whether you are ready for a serious challenge or simply a glutton for punishment, complete the appropriate quests to acquire the Eye of Fire components. You will need 30 Zombie's Lost Gold Teeth, one Piece of Fire Ore and one Breath of Lava for five Eyes of Fire.

Piece of Fire Ore

Complete the "Piece of Fire Ore" quest first, because you'll need that item to complete the last quest. You must be at least level 50 before you speak to your third job instructor in El Nath to acquire permission for the "Dead Mine Party" Quest. Go to the entrance of the Dead Mine and speak to Adobis. He will require you to join a party to begin the quest, even if that party consists of only yourself. You have 30 minutes to find seven keys in the Dead Mines. Take the seven keys to the huge chest in the center of the map. Drop the keys in front of the chest to acquire the Fire Ore. Take the Fire Ore to Aura and she will give you the Piece of Fire Ore.

Breath of Lava

Speak to Adobis again after acquiring the Piece of Fire Ore. You will start the "Observe the Zakum Dungeon" quest, which involves jumping on platforms over lava. You must also kill or avoid Firebombs that explode upon contact. There are two stages you must complete. If you need to restart the quest or quit, speak to Amon near the entrance of the dungeon. Speak to Lira once you reach the end of the second stage. She rewards you with experience points and the well-deserved "Breath of Lava."

30 Zombie's Lost Gold Tooth

Not surprisingly, the Zombie's Lost Gold Tooth is a drop from Miner Zombies. They are located throughout the Dead Mine maps. You should acquire most, if not all, of the 30 required teeth when you complete the first two parts of Zakum's quest. If you still need more, speak to Adobis to re-enter the Dead Mine and kill Miner Zombies until you collect enough teeth. Miner Zombies are vulnerable to holy damage but immune to poison, so attack accordingly.

Eye of Fire and Zakum

Speak to Adobis once you have all of the required items; he gives you five Eyes of Fire in return. Make sure you have a solid party of at least Level 50 characters and plenty of potions before attempting to fight Zakum. Re-enter the Dead Mine and go to the furthest room from El Nath. Drop one Eye of Fire on Zakum's altar to summon him. His fighting style is to drop your entire party's HP and MP to one every few turns, so use your potions regularly. You must defeat Zakum's eight arms first, and then defeat his body three times. Zakum deals a ton of damage, but he has relatively low HP (3.8 million) for a major boss.

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