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What Do Balrog Leathers Do in "MapleStory"?

Balrog Leather is an unusual item within "MapleStory." Though it has but one purpose within the game, putting this odd material to good use will take you through quests, a big boss fight and lots of trade negotiations. Before you decide to sell this item, it's best to know its intended use.

The Suspicious Man

Your journey begins by accepting the quest "Stay Away From Strangers," which will lead you to the central dungeon on Victoria Island. There you will meet the aptly named Suspicious Man, an older fellow who has a liking for Balrog Leather. The Suspicious Man doesn't tell you much, but he'll casually mention that if you bring him twenty pieces of Balrog, he'll show you something interesting. If that's enough to pique your interest, it's time to go Balrog hunting.

Slaying the Balrog

The Balrog is an enormous monster that can only be slain by a brave group of heroes. In normal mode, Balrog hunting parties can be anywhere from six to 15 players. Player levels typically are 60 and up for this fight. You can join a Balrog fight at level 50, but this is only recommended on easy mode. The Balrog is a three-stage boss fight that is going to take all of your skill and best gear. One of the many drops at the end of the fight are the Balrog's Leather Shoes, a necessary item if you want your 20 pieces of Balrog Leather to be put to good use.

Getting a Full Stack

Getting one piece of Balrog leather is tough enough. Twenty pieces is going to prove to be a big challenge. Each player who takes part in killing the Balrog gets one piece of Balrog Leather. Given how hard it is to take down the Balrog in the first place, coming up with a full stack is going to take more than just farming Balrog kills. To get your 20 pieces, you'll need to find other players willing to sell them.

Claiming Your Reward

Once you return to the Suspicious Man with your hard-won stack of Balrog Leather, he will reward you with a scroll made of Balrog Leather. There are many different types of scrolls you can receive, each improving a particular success rate by 30 percent. Attribute improvements include strength, dexterity, speed, jump and accuracy, along with many others. The catch is this item can only provide this bonus to your pair of Balrog's Leather Shoes. Without the shoes, the scroll won't do you much good.

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