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How to Sell Pogs

A pog is a small cardboard disk with designs or pictures on one side. They are used to play Pogs, a popular children's game. Pog disks have become popular collection pieces. If you have a large set of pogs and want to make some extra money, follow these steps to sell your pogs.

Create an inventory of your pogs. A detailed inventory will help you keep track of your stock and track the pogs you have sold. You will also have a thorough record of who has bought from you and how much money you have received for each pog.

Decide how much you want to charge for your pogs.

Advertise your pogs on an online auction site. This is probably the best way to reach potential customers. Include a picture and a description of your pog collection to increase the chances of a sale.

Focus on your best pieces to pique buyers' interest. Many toy companies have come out with imitation pog pieces, so you should stress the fact that you are selling official pog pieces. Feature any rare pieces or pog sets.

Hunt for pog tournaments in your area. Many tournaments are held at toy stores, so contact your local toy store for more information. A tournament is an opportunity to network with others who collect pogs and who may be interested in buying your pieces.

Look for game and card stores in your area. Talk to the owners--they may be interested in buying some of your pogs or be able to direct you to potential buyers.

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