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How to Sell Collector Plates

Online collector plate appraisals compare damage to the plate as well as creation date.
decorative plate in english style image by Lucy Cherniak from Fotolia.com

From Bradford Exchange to Limited Edition Norman Rockwell pieces, collectible plates come in various designs and commemorations. The price for rare collectible plates may be as high as someone looking for the perfect gift Star Wars collector plate. Knowing how to sell your collector plate comes with a bit of experience in the antiques market. However, many collectible sellers find the Internet to be a valuable trading resource. Many sites provide collectible forums where buyers find the newest addition to their collection from sellers who are ready to part with their prized collector's plates.

Clean the plate gently with a soft dust-free cloth. You want to remove all smudges and dirt from the plate. If your plate has chips, contact a ceramic repair and restoration expert.

Compare prices and appraisals from various online sites. Search for your plate or similar plates online. Many online collectible appraisals such as Instappraisal or Online Collectibles provide price guides to see how much your item is worth.

Find an antique dealer near you by searching online. Call the dealer beforehand to gauge interest or visit the antiques dealer in person to get an appraisal on your plate. He may offer to buy on the spot, depending on the plate's condition.

Advertise on online collectible websites for your collector's plate. Include the description of the plate, such as dimensions, date of creation, type of glass material, and any other relative information. You might use eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or your local newspaper's online classified section to start. You may want to place ads on sites like OnlineCollectibles.com, The Internet Collector's Bazaar or Platefinders.

Research local and state antique fairs. Many collectible buyers visit fairs to find rare items. Sellers set up booths at state fairs to sell these items. To find an antique fair near you, search "antique show" or "antique fair" with your city and state in Google or Bing. Most of all, you want to make sure that you clean and showcase your plate in the condition for state fairs, such as in a glass case or mounted.

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