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Instructions for Monopoly Junior: Shrek 2

Monopoly is a classic game for adults. Parker Brothers has updated the old standby with the Monopoly Junior Shrek 2 version. It integrates the fun of Monopoly with the fairy tale excitement of Shrek. The object of the game is to purchase the most landmarks and collect as much money from other players as possible.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 To 4 Players
  • Die
  • Deck Of 24 Chance (?) Cards
  • 4 Monopoly Pawns And 4 Plastic Pawn Holders
  • Monopoly Money
  • 48 Plastic Houses
  • Monopoly Junior Shrek 2 Gameboard


Lay out the board on a flat surface.

Choose a pawn and place it on the Go space.

Take a set of 10 same color houses. Place the remaining houses back in the box.

Shuffle the deck of Chance cards.

Choose a player to be the Banker.

Give each player five $1s, four $2s, three $3s, one $4 and one $5 if you're the Banker.

Take turns letting each player roll the die. The player with the highest number goes first. Play continues to the left of the first player.

Roll the die and move your piece the appropriate spaces. Follow the instructions on the space. If you land on a landmark and it is unowned, you have the option of buying the landmark.

Continue playing. Roll the die, move the appropriate spaces and follow the instructions on the space.

Collect $2 every time you pass Go.

Continue taking turns until a player loses all of his money. The first player to lose all of his money loses and ends the game.

Count the remaining players' money. The player with the most money wins the game.


If you land on...

...an unowned landmark you must pay the Banker the amount shown on the space and place one of your houses on the space.

...an owned landmark you must pay the owner of the property the amount shown. If the owner has more than one property you must pay double the amount.

...the Happily Ever After Potion space you must give $2 to the Mr. Monopoly’s Loose Change space.

...the Mr. Monopoly’s Loose Change spot, you have won the money under the spot. If there is no money under the spot, do not do anything.

...the Lunch spot you must wait until your next turn to move your pawn.

...the Go to Lunch space means you must pay $3 to the Mr. Monopoly’s Loose Change space and move you pawn to the Lunch space. If you pass Go, do no collect $2 and wait until your next turn to move.

...the Chance space you must pull a Chance card and follow the instructions on the card. If the card says Free House, do not move your pawn. Identify the color on the card and find the landmarks with the corresponding color. If one but not both of the landmarks are unowned, place one of your houses on the free space. If the landmarks are owned by two different players you may remove one of the player’s houses and replace it with your own. If one player owns both of the landmarks you must draw a new Chance card.

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