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Monopoly Speed Die Game Instructions

The Monopoly Speed Die Game provides faster gameplay than the original board game.
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Charles B. Darrow invented Monopoly, and Parker Brothers introduced the game to the world in 1935. People still play this iconic family game today. Newer versions of this popular game contain directions for three different ways of playing the game. There is a full-length game, a short version and a Speed Die game. The full-length game takes several hours, but with today’s active lifestyles, many people have little time. The Speed Die Instructions make the gameplay much faster.

Pass out the following to each player: (2)$500’s, (2)$100’s, (2)$50’s; (6)$20’s; (5)$10’s, (5)$5’s and (5)$1’s, and give each player an additional $1,000 dollars in Monopoly money. Each player rolls two white dice to determine who starts the game. The player with the highest number goes first.

Play the game normally with the two regular dice until you pass “Go” the first time. Collect $200 for your salary.

Roll the two white dice plus the new Speed die on your next turn. If all the dice have numbers showing, move the total of all three. If you roll a picture of Mr. Monopoly, move the number of spaces the white dice indicate. Then move to the next unowned property and buy it if you want the property. If there isn’t an unowned property, move to the nearest property, and pay rent. If all of the other players’ properties are mortgaged, stay on the spot you moved to with the dice. If you roll a picture of a Bus with the other 2 dice, choose how you move. If you roll a 2, 4 and a bus, move 2, 4 or 6 spaces forward. It’s your choice.

Buy unowned property when you land on it. If you don’t want the property, the bank sells it in an auction. The highest bidder gets the property. Once you get all the property in a color group, add houses or hotels. The price for houses or hotels is listed on each card.

Pay rent to the owner of any property when you land on it. The price listing is on the “Title Deed” cards. The cards list the price for property without houses, with houses and hotels. If the property is mortgaged, do not pay rent.

Follow the instructions on “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards when you land on the space. If you get the “Get Out Of Jail” card, hold it until you need it.

Go to jail if you roll doubles with the dice three times, draw a “Go To Jail” card from “Chance” or “Community Chest” or land on the “Go To Jail” space on the board. Pay $50, roll doubles or wait three turns and pay the fine.

Sell property without buildings to any player. Sell the property for any price you want.

Mortgage a property if you need money. Turn the card over, and get the mortgage amount from the back of the card from the bank. Get your property back by paying the bank the mortgage amount plus ten percent.

Go bankrupt when your money is too low for paying bills. Turn all of your assets over to the person you owe, and you are out of the game.

Land on free parking, and sit on the space without any consequences. You draw no money for landing on this space.

Play the game until only one player is left. The person left at the end of the game is the winner.

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