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Parker Brothers Monopoly Junior Directions

The object in Monopoly Junior is to collect the most money and assets.
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Hasbro Company, makers of the popular board game Monopoly, has expanded the original Monopoly game into different versions, including Monopoly Junior. It's geared toward players ages 5 to 8 and helps build kids' math and strategy skills. As of April 2011, Hasbro has released three different versions of Monopoly Junior: the original game, Disney Princess and Junior Disney. The rules in all three are the same.

Set up the game. Each player must pick a colored car and place it on the starting line marked GO! Along with the car, players each need 10 booth tickets -- 12 in a two-player game -- which will be used on the Amusement spaces.

Establish a banker. This player will be responsible for handling all money transactions with the bank, such as passing out reward money and awarding $2 every time a player passes GO! To start the game, the banker gives each player five $1 bills, four $2 bills, three $3 bills, one $4 bill and one $5 bill.

Shuffle the cards that are marked with a question mark and place them face down in the designated area in the middle of the game board. These Chance cards will give you instructions on what to do next, including moving to another space. If you pass the GO! space you receive $2 or free ticket booth cards, which allow you to replace another player's ticket on an amusement park space, unless they have claimed both park spaces of the same color. If so, you discard and draw another Chance card.

Determine who will go first by rolling the die. The player with the highest number gets to start the game. After this is determined, the other players' order can be decided by the die or by seating. For example, the person siting to the left of the starter goes second and play continues to the left until everyone has had a turn.

Roll the die and move the number of spaces the die shows. If you land on an Amusement Park space, you will pay the designated amount to the banker and put a booth ticket down. You now “own” this spot and any other player who lands on it must pay you instead of the bank. If you land on a space that someone else has claimed, you must pay that person instead of the bank.

Continue playing and following the instructions on each space. If you land on the "Restroom" space, you are just waiting, but if you land on "Going to the Restroom" you pay $3 to Rich Uncle Pennybags. Place the money on the space on the board for collecting the money, then move to the Restroom space. You do not collect of you pass GO! on the way. If you land on the Rich Uncle Pennybags Loose Change space, you collect any money on the space.

Ride on the Railroad. If you land on the Railroad space, you get to take another turn.

Pay Rich Uncle Pennybags $2 if you land on the Water or Fireworks show spaces.

Win the game. As soon as one player is out of money, all of the other players count how much money they have. The player with the most cash wins.

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