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Monopoly Star Wars Saga Edition Instructions

The Star Wars Saga Edition of Monopoly gives the classic Parker Brothers board game a science-fiction twist. Two to eight players battle it out to dominate the galaxy for the forces of either good or evil. Star Wars Saga Edition Monopoly has the same rules as the original Monopoly but with some added features, such collectible tokens and the ability to use the Force.

Setting Up

Place the Jedi and Sith cards face-down on their respective places on the board. As the in the films, Jedi are the warriors of good, while the Sith are evil. The Jedi cards have replaced the classic Chance cards of the original game, and Sith cards replace Community Chest cards.

Select a token to play. The pewter tokens in Star Wars Saga Edition Monopoly represent characters from all six of the Star Wars movies: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Yoda, Emperor Palpatine and General Greivous. Place your token on the area marked “Go.” This is the starting position.

Roll the dice to determine who will be the Banker. The player with the highest dice roll is the Banker and gets to go first.

Give 1,500 Republican Credits to each player in the following denominations: two 500s, 100s and 50s, six 20s and five 10s, 5s and 1s. Republican Credits, the currency of the Star Wars universe, have replaced the traditional currency of the original Monopoly.

Playing the Game

Roll the dice and move your token the appropriate number of squares. If you land on a galactic property, you have the choice to buy it or put it up for auction for the other players. Players draw Jedi or Sith cards if they land on those squares. Players can also land on one of the four Capital Ships, which have replaced the Railroads from the original game: the Correlian Corvette, Imperial Star Destroyer, Republic Assault Ship and the Super Star Destroyer. This substitution is fitting, considering that the transportation of the Star Wars universe is much more advanced than the real world and therefore do not have a use for railroads. Because they do not have utility companies in a galaxy "far, far away," the Utilities of the original Monopoly have been replaced with the Death Star, the moon-sized ship from the original Star Wars film and the Death Star II, the under construction vessel from "Empire Strikes Back."

Pay the Banker if you land on Trade Blockade (which replaces the classic Income Tax) or Bounty (which replaces the Luxury Tax square). The Trade Blockade featured in Star Wars Episode I when the Trade Federation set up a blockade over the planet Naboo. Bounties and bounty hunters were featured in all six films; the most notable was Jabba the Hut's bounty hunter Boba Fett, who captured Han Solo.

Buy properties as you land on them. Pay the Banker for each property in exchange for a property card, which indicates the amount of money earned through rent.

Follow the instructions on the Jedi and Sith cards when you land on them. These cards may order you to advance to a specific space on the board, collect or pay money to players or the bank, or go to Jail. Although the instructions remain the same, the artwork and the orders are written to suit the Star Wars style.

Build Settlements and Cities (which replace houses and hotels from the traditional game) once you own all of the properties within a single color group. The Star Wars universe is populated by billions of people from hundreds of species, so building simple houses and hotels is insufficient. Monopoly: Star Wars Saga Edition uses larger property types to maintain consistency with the films.

Collect 200 Republican Credits every time you pass “GO.”

Mortgage your properties if you do not have enough money to pay rent. Mortgaging gives you half of a property’s value; however, you are not able to build on that property until you buy it back from the bank. If you have no properties to mortgage, you are considered “Bankrupt” and are eliminated from the game.


Jedi and Sith have special powers that regular people do not possess. Monopoly Star Wars Saga Edition takes these powers and applies them as follows:

Players can call upon the Force when they roll doubles at anytime during the game. You can either roll again as normal, or use your Force power. The following powers are associated with each doubles roll:

Double 1: Jump to Hyperspace: Advance to any space. Double 2: Jedi Mind Trick: Collect 200 Credits from the Bank. Double 3: Jedi Mind Trick: Collect 200 Credits from every player. Double 4: Draw a Jedi Card. Double 5: Draw a Sith Card. Double 6: Attack another player’s property for control. Each player rolls a die and the higher roll wins the property. This cannot be done if a player controls all properties within a color group.

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