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Instructions for Monopoly Jr. Dino Edition

Monopoly Jr Dig N' Dinos is a child-friendly Monopoly board game made by Parker Brothers. This game is based on the Monopoly Jr. format, as stated in the manufacturer's instructions, and features dinosaur-themed Bio cards, playing pieces and fossils. It is designed for ages five and up, and you must have a minimum of two players to play this game.

Ensure that you have all the pieces to the game, including the game board, Monopoly money, a deck of 24 Chance cards, 48 fossils, four Paleontologists, 16 Dino Bio cards and die.

Unfold the game board and lay it flat on a flat, dry surface. Take turns choosing a Paleontologist and place it at "Go." Direct each player to take 10—or 12 in a two-player game—fossils that match the color of their Paleontologist. Place all extra pieces out of the way.

Shuffle the deck of Chance cards and place them face-down on the indicated spot of the game board. Next, choose who will be the Banker and have them separate the money into separate stacks; placing all like money together. Then, instruct the Banker to give each player: five one-dollar bills, four two-dollar bills, three three-dollar bills, one four-dollar bill and one five-dollar bill. Now take turns rolling the die; the player with the highest number goes first.

Take turns rolling the die. Move your Paleontologist the indicated number of spaces, then follow the instructions on that space.

Land on a dinosaur without a fossil. Pay the Banker the amount shown on the space and put one of your fossils on it. Charge any player who lands on your fossil the fee that is indicated on the space. Land on a space with a dinosaur fossil that is not yours and pay the owner of the fossil the indicated fee on that space.

Land on or pass "Go" and collect $2 from the Banker. Roll the die and land on a dinosaur period space; roll again, move the indicated number of spaces and follow the instructions on that space.

Land on "New Tools" or "Vehicle Repairs" and pay $2 so that you can buy new tools and make repairs — put the money on the "Dig N' Dino Funds" space of the game board. Land on "Tar Pits" and enjoy a visit to the tar pits. Land on "Go to the Tar Pits" and place $3 on the "Dig N' Dino Funds" space, then move your Paleontologist to the tar pits. Do not pass "Go" and do not collect your $2. Wait for your next turn, roll and move as usual.

Land on the "Dig N' Dino Funds" space and you get to take all the money that is on it.

Land on a "Chance" space and draw the top Chance card. Follow the instructions and place the card face-up on the Draw pile. Draw a Chance card with either a "Go To" or "Take a Ride" and move your Paleontologist to the space as indicated; play the space as you would normally. Collect $2 if you pass "Go." Draw a "Free Fossil" Chance card. Do not move your token. Place one of your unused fossils on an unoccupied Dinosaur that matches the color on your card. If one of the matching color dinosaurs already has two different colored fossils on them, then remove one of those and replace it with one of yours. Give the fossil you just removed back to its owner. Discard this Chance card and draw a new one only if the dinosaurs have the same color fossils already on them.

Announce when one player completely runs out of money — the game ends. Instruct all players to add up their money. The player with the most money wins the game.


The Banker will play the game, yet keep their money separate from the Bank's. The Banker is responsible for making change.

If you use up all the Chance cards, turn the pile over and use it again. When you draw a "Free Fossil" Chance card, replace the Fossil of the player who is the farthest ahead in the game for your advantage.

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